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John Cepeda Aguon
Assistant Safety and Health Manager

Sergeant I John Cepeda Aguon is currently the Officer in Charge of the Special Enforcement Amphibious Section of the Guam Police Department which consists of two crucial sections; (SWAT) Special Weapons and Tactics, and (MPS) Marine Patrol Section. In August of 1991, Sergeant Aguon began his career in Law Enforcement after successfully completing and graduating from the Guam Police Department 32nd Cycle Police Academy.

Work Experience:
1990-1991 Special Assistant/Research Analyst Office of Senator David L.G. Shimizu, Guam Legislature
1991-Present Guam Police Department
2000–Present Private Business Owner, Go-2- Guy Industrial Consultant Law Enforcement and Safety

Training & Experience:
Sergeant Aguon’s years of professional public service is credited with 24 yrs of Law enforcement, safety, training and information are as follows;
Positions Held: Assignments:
• Police Officer I-III Patrol Division
• Police Officer III Patrol Division/ Section
  Supervisor/Robbery Strike Force Team
• Police Officer III Special Enforcement Amphibious
  Section, SWAT Operator, Marine Patrol Officer
• Police Officer III Special Enforcement Amphibious
  Section, Beach Patrol Unit
• Police Officer III Officer in Charge, Executive Security
• Sergeant I Patrol Field Supervisor
• Sergeant I Officer in Charge, Criminal Investigation
• Sergeant I Officer in Charge, Marine Patrol Section
  Special Operations Division
• Sergeant I Patrol Supervisor, Agat Precinct Command
• Sergeant I Active Shooter Instructor, Operations Bureau
• Sergeant I Officer in Charge, SEAS

Sergeant Aguon, as a Guam Police Department Officer, has received numerous awards and recognitions:
• Life Saving Service Award
• 3 Distinguished Service Medals
• 3 Meritorious Service Medals
• 2 Unit Citation for Excellence Awards
• 8 Certificates of Commendation
• 8 Letters of Appreciation

Sergeant Aguon is a 1986 John F. Kennedy High School graduate. He has also attended San Francisco State University and Chaminade University, where he has completed several prerequisite and advanced level courses. Sergeant Aguon has also completed Law Enforcement Officer’s courses at the Guam Community College where he received a certificate of completion.

Training Experience:
While employed with the Guam Police Department, Sergeant Aguon has successfully completed the following training:
Type, Agency:
• First Responder Guam Community College
• Monadnock PR-24 Baton Guam Police Department
• Basic Law Enforcement Guam Community College
• Police Motorcycle Operator Cert. Course Guam Police
• LE Officers Survival Training School Federal Bureau of
• Close Quarter Battle U.S. Navy Seal Team
• SWAT Operators Course Guam Police Department
• Basic and Advanced Rappelling Guam Police
• VIP Security Guam Police Department
• VIP Executive Security Guam Police Department
• Open Water Scuba/Jet Ski Operators Course Guam
  Police Department
• Close Quarter Battle U.S. Marine SOTG
• Fast Rope Rappelling U.S. Marine SOTG
• Basic Navigation and Seamanship Course U.S.C.G.
• Intoxilizer 1400 Operators Course Guam Police
• Pacific Rim War on Ice Seminar DEA
• 2nd Annual Vehicular/DUI Training Northwestern Univ.
  Traffic Inst.
• DUI Detection/Standardized Guam Police Department
• Police Defensive Survival Tactics Guam Police
• Modern Warrior Defensive Tactics
  Guam Police Department
• Fugitive Tracking Training Guam Police Department
• LE Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction IC
• ICS 300 Course Homeland Security
• Domestic Violence Seminar DPHSS/
  Guam Legal Services
• Employee Grievance & Adverse Actions DOA
• Performance Evaluations Course DOA
• Counterfeit Detection Secret Service
• MPOS Tactical Offcers School U.S.C.G., SC
• LE Forensic Divers Course Chaminade University,
• LE Boating Under the Influence Investigation
  Connecticut Dept. DAWR, CT
• FBI Active Shooter Investigation Training GIAA
• LE Boating Accident Investigation Indiana Police
  Academy, IN
• LE Advanced Boating Accident Inv. Dept. of DAWR, AZ
• (BOSAR) Boat Operators Search and Rescue Training
  Guam Police
• TAC Tactical Operators Coarse MPD, Miami Florida
• GTI Advanced SWAT Tactics Training GPD
• USCG Search and Rescue Supervisors Training Port


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John Cepeda Aguon
Assistant Safety and Health Managert