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As part of the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the US Department of Commerce was given the responsibility of accelerating broadband deployment in unserved and underserved areas and ensuring that strategic institutions which are likely to create jobs or provide significant public benefits have broadband connections. A grant program, called the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, was created. This program is administered by National Telecommunications and Information Administration within the Department of Commerce.

Booz Allen Hamilton worked with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to develop the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program. And PYP Enterprises was asked to contribute subject matter expertise in the area of constructing broadband infrastructure projects, network operations, and long-term funding requirements of these projects. As part of the Booz Allen effort we provided management support to help the program ensure compliance and performance. The team evaluated more than 2,800 applications, developed criteria to identify the 500 strongest candidates, and performed financial and technological due diligence on them to inform grant selection.

Initially, PYP Enterprises' consultants assisted with developing the processes used for grant evaluation. In particular those processes had to validate an applicant's plan to build and operate a network, and to provide for additional funding as necessary for the long term. Construction plans were required to have network assets built within statutory deadlines, and applicants were required to have funding sources for non-grant-eligible costs. Finally, applicant's had to have a operating plan which led to long-term sustainability of the network. PYP Enterprises supplied subject matter experts familiar with operations start up, network construction, and business planning.

Once the projects were selected, the role of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration shifted to oversight. The Booz Allen team, including the PYP Enterprises experts, provided decision support services for the program officers and policy makers tasked with monitoring the progress of network build out and the ramp up of operations in each of the projects. In some cases, PYP Enterprises' consultants worked directly with grant recipients to help adjust their plans as conditions changed. In this capacity, PYP Enterprises role very much reflected our core competency in business development.

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