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Security Services

Together with our partners, PYPE LLC provides a range of specialized security strategies. Whether you require armed or unarmed guard services for facilities, special events or site security, or need a top-to-bottom analysis of potential threats to your firm and how to respond to we can help safeguard your assets.

Security Team

Layered Security Solutions–Red Team
Andrews International
PYPE Security Personnel

Layered Security Solutions–Red Team

PYPE is proud to partner with Layered Security Solutions – Red Team, a division of CHI Systems, Inc. Under the leadership of Commander James G. Liddy USN SEAL (Ret.), former leader of the Navy’s elite Anti Terrorism Assessment Team Red Cell, LSS Red Team provides risk mitigation for the energy (oil, gas, LNG, nuclear), transportation (airlines, seaports, railroads), and chemical (chlorine, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals) industries, as well as business continuity and security consulting for Fortune 500 firms and the U.S. government.

LSS Red Team specializes in:

• Threat and countermeasure analysis
• Operational safety and efficiencies
• Access control
• Evacuation planning
• Critical systems hardening
• Crisis response planning
• Exercises and simulations
• Critical node redundancy
• Calamitous event response planning
• Critical infrastructure redundancy
• Aggressive armed response forces

Andrews International

Andrews International, among the largest privately held, American-owned security firms, is another trusted partner of PYPE’s Security Division. The firm provides security and risk mitigation services throughout the United States and around the world. They employ nearly 4,000 security personnel providing uniformed security, consulting and investigative services, personal protection, special event security, training and alarm monitoring and response, and disaster emergency response services. Among their high profile assignments are providing security services for the Academy Awards and ESPY Awards ceremonies in Los Angeles. The firm is staffed only by retired or off duty law enforcement officers.

PYPE Security Personnel

Robert Thomas Chee
Senior Advisor, Security Division

Mr. Dennis Morgan
Director, IT Security Division

Marc D. Woodward
Operations Manager, Security Division

Mr. John Aguon
Manager, Guam Operations
Telephone: 671-687-7398

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