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  Bret Turner, Photovoltaic Specialist, N.W. Electric & Solar

Bret Turner
Photovoltaic Specialist, N.W. Electric & Solar

PYPE LLC is proud to be associated with Mr. Turner. He spearheads our photovoltaic, electric & solar technology services and product offerings.

Bret started his solar career working for SunLink, a company his father founded to address the need large-scale, flat-roof solar mounting systems.  Product training was part of Bret’s job description at SunLink and he left the company in 2007 to become an independent consultant, spending the next 2 ½ years managing projects on Wal-Mart stores, the Sierra Nevada Brewery, for the Limoneira Company and several others.  Since 2010, Bret has continued consulting, this time behind the desk, with Mitsubishi Electric, Perpetual Power and many small electrical contractors in Washington, California and Hawaii.  Bret joined NWE&S in February, 2013, to head the solar division and brings with him hundreds of megawatts of experience.  Bret is responsible for the sale, electrical and mechanical design, and planning for solar projects.  Bret grew up in Seattle and Edmonds, holds a degree from the University of Washington, and lives in Ballard.


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Bret Turner, (Center)
Photovoltaic Specialist
N.W. Electric & Solar

Michael Scott, CEO, (Left)
Maniilaq Services, LLC

Ray Atwood, Manager, (Right) Maniilaq Services, LLC